Better Rcon for Rust (Windows)

Better Rcon for Rust (Windows) 1.0.13

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So this is my real attempt to create a Rcon tool. Previously the Rcon tools I made before this is really crap and didn't work as great. This is one I will put effort into.

  • Q: How do I delete a profile?
    • A: Select it > Right click on it > Delete Profile.

  • Rcon Profiles.
  • Live Console.
  • Chat Console.
  • Chat Monitor.
  • Player List (Only kick and ban atm)
  • Ban List.
  • Server Info Counter.
  • Total players counter. (Joined, Max, Joining, Queued).
  • SQLite Support.
  • Add Styles.
  • Chat Monitor.
  • More options for the playerlist. (Ban, Ban Reason, Kick Reason, Give Items).
  • Local Database or MySQL server support.
  • Option to unban players using the ban list.
  • Show their avatars next to their name on the playerlist.
  • Rust Server Update Checker.
  • Remote Admin Players.
  • Some remote Oxide / uMod features.
  • Server FPS Counter.
  • Total players counter. (Joined, Max, Joining, Queued).
  • More that I can't think of at the moment.
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